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2020 Volunteers



The one who bosses people around and does all the behind the stuff..she has cried twice today already


Mistress of Ceremonies

(Prom Court Host)

Emma Hazlewood Clapp

Family Success Center

2020 Prom Theme/Decorations Planner

The one who tells Emma that those colors do NOT match and we HAVE to order this! Has the best theme ideas!

Collyn Roberts Prince

Gadsden State Community College


2020 Prom Operations Director


The one who carries the heavy stuff and never questions Emma...also gets Emma a tissue.

Bart Clapp

Gadsden Regional Medical Center


Co-Mistress of Ceremonies
(Introductions and Welcome)

The one wearing two hats, Introductions AND Escort!

Courtney Linam


2020 Prom Escort Coordinator

The young lady who is trying her best to remain calm! 

Daniella Clapp

UPS Store 


2020 Prom Photographer

The guy who takes those bomb photos!

Spencer Williams

Spencer Photography/Alabama Power


2020 Prom Floor Manager

The one who walks around and makes sure stuff is okay while looking pretty...always telling Emma to breathe!

Eve Hamrick

2nd Chance, Inc.


2020 Co-Prom Floor Manager

The lovely lady who will be walking around to make sure Volunteers are where they need to be with a lovely smile on her face!

Summer Patterson

Gadsden Career Center


2020 Prom Registration Manager

The one we count on to get it done smoothly and with humor while telling Emma to suck it up!  Is always the one that is good for a laugh!

Lisa Brown

Substance Abuse Council


2020 Prom Entertainment Director

The one who tells the DJ to turn it down and play more slow songs!

Misty Ledbetter

Supervised Visitation

Attorney at Law


2020 Prom Music Director/DJ

That guy who makes everyone DANCE DANCE DANCE

Allen Huffman

Allen's Entertainment

2020 Prom Escorts

Judge Joe Nabors

Bart Clapp

Adam Hyde

Will Mackey

Brandon Holley

Seth England

Johnathon Kavanaugh

Raven Pugh

Africa Bell

Deana Thacker

Mary Hager

Amanda Currie

Vicki Bright

Courtney Linam

Coming Soon:  More volunteers and a volunteer sign up

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